With every summer wedding comes a chance for brides to radiate as bright as the warm sun. Once you’ve finally found the perfect wedding dress, it’s time to finish the look with jewelry to complement your engagement ring and wedding band. We recommend shopping for bridal jewelry about six months before your wedding date, and selecting investment pieces you can wear for a lifetime, like diamond pendants or stud earrings.

Piaget has a long history of producing luxury timepieces with exceptional movements. This combined with experience in high jewelry means Piaget has created some of the most visually and mechanically stunning timepieces in watchmaking history. Check out five of the most valuable Piaget timepieces in the world.

Diamonds come in a variety of colors, some of them highly prized (pinks, blues, even yellow). However in a white diamond, the presence of a yellow tint will lower the price of a diamond. The less body color in a white diamond, the more true color it will reflect, and thus the greater its value.

Beautiful mineral stone

Alexandrite is renowned for its strange optical properties – it can actually undergo dramatic shifts in color depending on what kind of light it's in. To be clear: this color change is independent of your viewing angle; a gemstone that shifts colors when you rotate it in your hand is said to bepleochroic, and while alexandrite is strongly pleochroic, it can also change colors independently of viewing angle when viewed under an artificial light source. (In natural sunlight, the gem appears greenish blue; in soft incandescent light, the gem appears reddish purple, instead.) 

A variety of Chrysoberyl, alexandrite belongs to the same family of gemstones as emerald. It's color-changing properties (and its scarcity relative to diamond) is due to an exceedingly rare combination of minerals that includes titanium, iron and chromium.

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